• Worker's Comp Injury & Case Management
  • DOT Physicals & Drug Screening
  • Visual & Audio Screening
  • Onsite Screening Services
  • Annual Executive Physical
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Post Offer Examination
  • Health Fairs

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Care That Really Works.

Employers throughout the Tuscaloosa area turn to Emergi-Care’s proven program of occupational health care. We’re comprehensive, cost-effective, and focused on the goals of your business - and we also care about the individuals and families involved.

We can provide a full range of services from routine physicals to worker’s comp case management. We have certified drug and alcohol specimen collectors, and offer pulmonary function testing. In some cases, we can perform tests and physicals at your workplace. An Emergi-Care physician is assigned as a medical director and supervisor for each company’s program, ensuring your employees better, more responsive health care.

Working with Emergi-Care can save your company money on medical expenses and worker’s compensation over the long term. The medical director can work with you to ensure productivity and reduce lost employee time by reviewing work records for patterns of injury and illness, and then working with you to improve safety and lower injury rates and health claims.

Emergi-Care offers primary care comparable in quality to that provided by hospitals, but at a significantly lower cost, and more efficiently. That’s good for your employees’ health - and good for your business, too.